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by David Koeller, Ph.D.
Professor of History at a
Smalll Liberal Arts College in
Chicago, IL




Curriculum Vitae



David W. Koeller


Ph.D. in History. University of California at Berkeley, 1989.
M.M.H.E.A., North Park University, 2009 (expected)
M.A. University of California at Berkeley, 1981.
B.A. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 1979. Magna cum laude.
Major: Philosophy; Minors: History and Music.


The Physics of Freedom: The Beginnings of Schelling's Philosophy of Nature. Written under the supervision of Wolfgang Sauer, chair; Roger Hahn and Gerd Hillen.

Ph. D. Examination Fields

Modern European Intellectual History, Martin Malia.
Modern Germany, Wolfgang Sauer.
Scientific Revolution, Roger Hahn.
Reformation, William Bouwsma.
History of Art, Svetlana Alpers.

Professional Experience

Administrative Experience

Director, Campus Theme Program, North Park University, 2007-present

The Campus Theme Program is a university-wide, year-long discussion of one of life's great questions.  For example, the theme for 2008-2009 is "Whose Life is it Anyway."  Responsibilities included arranging quest speakers, publicity, coordinating activities with groups from across the campus.

Director of the North Park Dialogue, North Park University, 2004-2007

The North Park Dialogue is North Park University's liberal arts core curriculum.  This three course sequence teaches writing, rhetoric, reasoning and hermeneutics as well as provides an introduction to the liberal arts discipline.  The Director is responsible for staffing, curricular development, planning and budget and for supervising the 40 instructors, 20 peer advisors, 30 writing advisors and the Writing Center Director.

Chair, Curriculum and Instruction Committee, North Park University, 2001-2004

Chaired the Curriculum and Instruction Committee during a complete revision of the General Education program and review of all undergraduate majors.  Developed the North Park Dialogue.  Reduced instructional costs by $800,000.00

Chair, Department of History, North Park University, 2000-2001

Faculty Liaison for Service Learning, North Park University, 1995-1997

Served as a faculty resource for service learning, assisting faculty members develop service learning projects and serving as faculty supervisor for the Urban Outreach Service Learning team.

Teaching Experience

North Park University, Professor, 2001-present

North Park University, Associate Professor, 1997-2000

North Park University, Assistant Professor, 1993-1996.

Responsible for both halves of the Western Civilization survey course, the Seminar in Research Methods and Historiography for history majors as well as upper-division courses in European and World History.

Phillips University, Assistant Professor, 1992-1993.

Responsible for both halves of the Western Civilization survey course and for upper division courses in European history.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Faculty (The Conservatory has no faculty ranking.), 1988-92.

Responsible for the introductory course in Western Civilization and for upper division lecture courses on selected topics in Modern European history, World history and Philosophy.

California College of Arts and Crafts, Lecturer, 1991-1992.

Taught a World history survey.

University of California at Berkeley, Acting Instructor, 1987 and 1989.

Responsible for senior seminars in topics in the historiography of Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

University of California at Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor II, 1984.

Supervised students writing their senior theses. Responsible for reading selections, topics and grading.

University of California at Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor I, 1982-1985.

Led discussion sections for the Modern Europe Survey and for a Renaissance and Reformation survey. Served twice as Head Teaching Assistant.

University of California at Berkeley, Reader, 1980-1988.

Graded papers for courses on 19th and 20th Century European Intellectual History, Modern Germany, 19th and 20th Century European Political History, 19th Century Diplomatic History, Modern Jewish History, and History of Religion.

Courses Taught

At North Park University:

In the Core Curriculum:
  • North Park Dialogue I: What does it Mean to be Human?
  • North Park Dialogue II: What does it Mean to be Ethical?
In the Traditional Undergraduate Program:
  • World History Through World Music
  • World History I
  • World History II
  • The Modern World
  • Traditions of the West I
  • Traditions of the West II
  • Seminar in Research Methods
  • The Mediterranean World from AD 400-1400
  • The Reformation
  • The Enlightenment
  • 20th Century World History
  • The German Crisis of the 20th Century
In the Adult Degree Completion Program:
  • Traditions of the West I

At Phillips University:

  • Western Civilization to 1500
  • Western Civilization since 1500
  • The Middle Ages
  • Renaissance and Reformation

At the San Francisco Conservatory of Music:

  • Introduction to Humanities I
  • Introduction to Humanities II
  • Introduction to Western Civilization I
  • Introduction to Western Civilization II
  • Europe in the Nineteenth Century
  • Germany from Unification to Reunification (1871-1989)
  • History of Russia
  • World History to 1500
  • World History after 1500
  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • Great Thinkers: Descartes, Hume and Nietzsche

At the California College of Arts and Crafts:

  • History of World Cultures I

At the University of California at Berkeley:

As an Instructor:
  • The Enlightenment as an Ethical Dilemma
  • European Liberalism in the Nineteenth Century
  • The Liberal Era and its Attitude Towards the Past
As a Teaching Assistant:
  • Renaissance and Reformation
  • Modern Europe

Papers Presented

"Re-imagining General Education: The North Park Dialogue" presented at Calvin College, October 2007.

"Team Teaching vs. Partnership Teaching" presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Chicago Area Colleges, October 2007.

"Teaching Slavery in the Undergraduate Curriculum" presented at Baylor University in Waco Texas  Septemeber 2006.

"Using Computers OUTSIDE the Classroom: A Report on WebChron and WebQuiz," presented to the annual meeting of the American Association for History and Computing, April 24-26, 1998 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Chair, panel presentation on "C. R. Ward: The Protestant Evangelical Awakening," at the History Consultation of the Evangelical Covenant Church, March 6, 1998.

"Periodization in World History from a World History Perspective," presented to the Faculty Research Fellowship of North Park University, February 11, 1198.

"Schelling's Philosophy of Nature and the Picture Speech of Science," presented to the annual meeting of the German Studies Association, September 29-October 2, 1994 in Dallas, Texas. A slightly modified version of this same paper was also presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, October 13-15, 1994 in Normal, Illinois.

"Wir Sind ein Volk: Fichte on the Nature of the German Nation," presented as part of a symposium on German unification sponsored by the Institute for Historical Studies, St. Mary's College, 1991.

"The Failure of Newtonian Mechanics and the Beginnings of Schelling's Philosophy of Nature," presented to the Office for the History of Science and Technology, University of California at Berkeley, 1990.

"Model, Myth and Metaphysics: Schelling on the Nature of Scientific Theory," presented to the Graduate Student Conference in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Harvard University, 1988.

"Natural Philosophy as a Humanistic Enterprise: The Case of Physiology in the Enlightenment," presented to the History Graduate Colloquium, University of California at Berkeley, 1987.

"Schelling, Lichtenberg und die Einheit der Naturwissenschaften," presented to the Karl-Sudhoff-Insitut and the Sektion Philosophie der Karl-Marx-Universität zu Leipzig, 1986.



WebChron: The WebChronology Project. < http://www.thenagain.info/WebChron >  Begun in 1995, WebChron is a series of hypertext chronologies covering world history from earliest times to the present.  Hyperlinked to the items on the chronologies are articles written by students in my courses.  The site has more than 1,000 pages online and receives on average 12,000-15,000 hits a day.

Articles and Book Chapters

"World History" in The History Highway 2.0: A Guide to Internet Resources; Dennis A. Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman, eds. (Armonk, New York; M. E. Sharpe) .  Forthcoming.

"World History" in The History Highway 2000: A Guide to Internet Resources; Dennis A. Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman, eds. (Armonk, New York; M. E. Sharpe, 2000).  Reprinted in

with Larry Martin, "The WebChronology Project," The History Teacher , 30 (Aug 1997) 443-449.

Book Reviews

Review of Kant and the Metaphysics of Causality by Eric Watkins.  German Studies Review.  Forthcoming.

Review of F. W. J. Schellings "Über das Wesen der menschlichen Freiheit, by Jochem Hennigfeld.  German Studies Review.  XXVII (2004)  p. 381.

Review of The Problem of Being Modern or The German Pursuit of Enlightenment from Leibniz to the French Revolution by Thomas P. Saine. German Studies Review.  XXII (1999) pp. 120-121.

Review of Identity or History: Marcus Herz and the End of the Enlightenment by Martin L. Davies. German Studies Review. XX (1997). 324-325.

Review of Goethe's Naturalistic Anthropology: Man and Other Plants by Matthew Bell. German Studies Review. XX (1997). 152-153.

Review of Goethes Kantstudien: Eine Zusammenfassung nach Eintragungen in seinen Handexemplaren der "Kritik der Vernunft" und der "Kritik der Urteilskraft," by Géza von Molnár. German Studies Review. XVIII (1995). 324.

Review of Herder's Aesthetic and the European Enlightenment by Robert E. Norton. German Studies Review. XVI (1993). 111-112.


  • International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Research Fellowship to the German Democratic Republic, 1986-1987.
  • University of California Regents Fellowship, 1985.
  • Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship, 1982.
  • National Merit Scholarship, 1975.
  • Phi Beta Kappa

Professional Activities

  • American Historical Association, member.
  • German Studies Association, member.
  • World History Association, member.


  • German: write, read and speak well.
  • French: read.
  • Latin: read.


  • Ukraine, 1996.
  • West Germany, 1986.
  • Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and Great Britain, summer 1986.
  • East Germany, 1986-1987.
  • Czechoslovakia and Hungary, 1987.