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Criteria for Evaluation




_____ A. Preliminaries: On time, length, presentation, bibliography, notes. (5 points)

  • 1. Is the essay typewritten, double spaced?
  • 2. Are quotations and reference notes presented properly?
  • 3. Are specific references given to the sources of information?

_____ B. Format: Introduction, thesis statement, evidential paragraphs, topic sentences, discernible structure, conclusion (15 points)

  • 1. Is the essay organized in paragraphs?
  • 2. Do each of the paragraphs have a topic sentence?
  • 3. Is each paragraph well-organized? That is, do the sentences follow one another in a logical or orderly manner?
  • 4. Does the essay have a logical and outlinable progression of thought?
  • 5. Does the essay contain little irrelevant material?
  • 6. Has the author solved the organizational problems peculiar to this topic?
    • a. If organized as a narrative, does the essay form a coherent narrative?
    • b. If organized as an argument, is the essay divided into clearly discernible sections?
    • c. If some other organizing principle is chosen, can the reader discern a logical progression of thought?
  • 7. Are the divisions or subsections clearly discernible?
  • 8. Are the transitions between sections smooth?
  • 9. Does the essay cover the topic or are there gaps and oversights?

_____ E. Sentence Level Writing: Sentence level fluency, well organized paragraphs, smooth transitions between sections. (15 points)

  • 1. Are the words spelled correctly?
  • 2. Is it written in complete sentences?
  • 3. Are the sentences grammatically correct?
  • 4. Are words used properly?
  • 5. Is the essay properly punctuated?
  • 6. Is the writing clear, coherent and concise?

_____ C. Argument: Argumentative thesis, argument supports the thesis, evidence supports the argument, counter-argument, refutation of counter-argument (15 points)

  • 1. Is there a clearly stated thesis?
  • 2. Is there a clearly articulated argument which attempts to prove the thesis?
  • 7. Does the argument present persuasive reasons why the thesis is true?
  • 8. Is each point in the argument supported by specific evidence?
  • 9. Does the essay address likely objections to the thesis?

_____ D. Use of Sources:

  • 1. Use of survey works: sufficient historical background material, background material is presented in a timely manner.
  • 2. Use of monographs: historiographic debate.
  • 3. Use of primary sources. (15 points)

_____ F. Historical Insight: Original thesis, new understanding of evidence, relates topic to other events or issues, relates topic to other fields, disciplines or areas of history, reveals important aspects of the topic, written with exceptional grace or flair, uses poetic or imaginative language, addresses the ethical or spiritual implications of the topic (10 points)

____ Total (75 points)

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