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Then Again




Tutor Worksheet



I. Instructions for the Student

  • When you have completed your working draft, take it along with this form to the tutoring office in the basement of the Student Services Building.
  • Have the tutor read through draft, make comments and sign the form.
  • Revise your draft in light of the tutor's comments.
  • Submit this form and your working draft along with the final version of your essay.

II. Instructions for the Tutor

  • This student has been asked to write an argumentative essay.  Would you please look over this working draft and check for the following?
    •     Does the essay have a clearly stated thesis?
    •     Do each of the paragraphs have a topic sentence?
    •     Is each point in the argument supported by reference to specific information?
    •     Is there a conclusion which restates the thesis?
    •     You should not line edit the draft, but if you notice a recurring grammatical problem, would you please point it out to the student?
  •     Thank you for your help with this project.

III. Comments:




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