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The Later Empires


    1400-1519: The Aztec (Mexica) Empire

    • c. 1325: Tenochtitlan is founded.
    • c. 1430: Itzcoatl establishes an alliance of three cities which gained political control and forced other cities to pay tribute.
    • 1502-1520: Montezuma II expands the Aztec (Mexica) empire.

    1438-1538: The Inca Empire

    • c. 13th c.: The first Inca, Manco Capac establishes Cuzco.
    • 1438: The ninth Inca, Pachacutic, begins the expansion of the empire.
    • 1470: The Chimu are destroyed.
    • 1471-1493: Under Tupac Yupanqui the empire reaches its greatest southern advance.
    • 1513: Under Huayana Capac Quito is conquered.
    • 1533: The Empire is conquered by a Spanish army under Francisco Pizarro.

    1519-1810: The Spanish Empire


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