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    China Chronology

    Early Imperial China

    221 BC- AD 316

    The Qin emperors were the first to form a united empire within China.  To establish this empire, the Qin had to confront both the problem of warfare among the Chinese states and between the urban Chinese and the nomadic peoples at the periphery.  The Qin dynasty was succeeded by the Han dynasty that took a very different approach to addressing these difficulties.

    Qin dynasty: 221-207 BC

    • c. 250 BC: Qin ruler adopts Legalism
    • 230-221: Qin rulers gain control of majority of China
    • 221-210 BC: The Reign of the First Emperor
    • 206 BC: The Imperial Library is destroyed.

    Former Han Dynasty: 206 BC- AD 9

    • 200 BC: Hsiung-nu lay siege to the emperor.
    • 191 BC: End of the prohibition against books.
    • 155-130 BC: Liu Teh develops a library of old, especially Taoist, texts.
    • 140-87 BC: Reign of Emperor Wu Ti.

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