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    China Chronology

    Former, or Western, Han Dynasty

    202 BC- AD 9

    • 200 BC: Hsiung-nu lay siege to the emperor.
    • 191 BC: End of the prohibition against books.
    • 155-130 BC: Liu Teh develops a library of old, especially Taoist, texts.
    • 140-87 BC: Reign of Emperor Wu Ti.
      • Beginnings of the Chinese Civil Service.
        • 136 BC: Doctors of the Five Classics established.
      • Expansion of the empire:
        • 121-119 BC: Hsiung-nu are driven north of the Gobi desert.
          • --The Great Wall is extended to the Jade Gate.
          • --Colonists are sent to Kansu.
          • --Silk Road opens between China and the Parthian Empire.
        • 111-110 BC: Eastern and Southern Yueh are brought under Chinese control.
        • 108: Ch'ao Hsien (Korea) conquered.
        • c. 87 BC: Ssu-ma Ch'ien writes the first general history of China.


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