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    China Chronology

    The T'ang Dynasty


    Reign of T'ai-tsung: 627-649

    • 621: First Zoroastrian temple built is Ch'ang-an
    • 630: Defeat of Eastern Turks
    • 635: First Nestorian Christian missionary arrives in Ch'ang-an

    Reign of Empress Wu: 609-705

    • 694: Manicheism comes to China
    • 656: Defeat of Western Turks

    Reign of Hsuan-tsung: 713-755

    • The height of T'ang art
    • 751: Battle of Talas: Chinese defeated by Arabs--The farthest westward advance of the Chinese Empire. As a result of this battle, Paper making spreads to the Abbasid Empire
    • 755-763: Rebellion of An Lu-shan
    • 763: Tibetans raid the capital of Ch'ang-an
    • 780: Tax Reform: the equal field system is abandoned.
    • 821: Peace Between China and Tibet
    • 839: The official texts of the Confucian classics is engraved on stones.
    • 840: Uighur empire defeated
    • 841-845: Religious Persecutions
      • Manicheism, Nestorianism and Zoroastrianism are driven out
      • Buddhism is attacked: wealth of monasteries confiscated, shrines are closed.
    • 879: Looting of Canton



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