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    China Chronology

    The Vietnam Wars



    French Attempts to Regain Colonial Control

    • 1945: Japan takes over the administration of French Indochina
      • Bao Dai declares independence under Japanese sponsorship
      •  At Potsdam Conference, British are to occupy southern Vietnam; Nationalist  to occupy northern Vietnam.
      •   Ho Chi Minh declares a provisional government.
    • 1946: China and Britain return control of French Indochina to the French.
      • Ho Chi Minh goes to France to negotiate the fate of Vietnam.
      •  First Vietnam War begins.
    • 1949: Bao Dai is made Emperor of Vietnam under French auspices.
    • 1950:   Ho declares Democratic Republic of Vietnam an independent state.
      •  US and Britain recognize Bao Dai's government.
    • 1954: French are defeated at Dienbienphu.
      • Geneva agreement.  US does not sign.
    • 1955: US begins sending aid to South Vietnam
      • Diem outs Bao Dai.

    The United States Enters the War

    • 1962: Strategic Hamlets Program
    • 1964: General Khahn stages coup
      • Tonkin Gulf Resolution
    • 1965: Operation Rolling Thunder
      • First American Combat troops enter the war.
      •  Nguyen Cao Ky Prime Minister after another military coup.
      •  By year's end American troop strength at 200,000.
    • 1966: Buddhist demonstrations against Saigon government
      • American troop strength at 400,000.
    • 1967: American troop strength at 500,000
      • Americans and North Vietnam agree to talks.
    • 1968: Tet offensive
      • Students protest at Democratic Convention.
      • American troop strength at 540,000
    • 1969: Secret bombing of Cambodia
      • Vietnamization begins.
      •  American troop strength at 480,000.
      •   Ho Chi Minh dies.
    • 1970: Kent State killings.
      • American troop strength at 280,000.
    • 1971: American troop strength at 140,000.
    • 1972Secret negotiations between Americans and N. Vietnamese.
    • 1973: Agreement between Americans and N. Vietnamese reached.

    Vietnam After the United States Withdraws

    • 1975: Saigon is captured by Communist forces.



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