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The Apostolic Era

The Early Church

Beyond the Roman Empire

World Christianity


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Attempts at Church Reform


  • 1382: John Wyclif's teachings are condemned by the Synod of London.
  • Nominalism vs Realism Controversy
  • 1410: Jan Hus is excommunicated by the Archbishop of Prague.
  • 1414: Thomas a Kempis, "The Imitation of Christ."
  • 1415: Jan Hus is burned as a heretic.
  • 1436: The Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges
  • 1453: Fall of Constantinople
  • 1492: The Spanish Inquisition orders Jews in Spain to convert or leave.
  • 1494: Savanarola's theocratic government in Florence.
  • 1501: Desiderus Erasmus of Rotterdam, "Enchiridian militis christiani" [Handbook of the Militant Christian].
  • 1500-1598: The Protestant Reformation
  • 1500-1565: The Catholic Reformation
  • 1500-1650: The Wars of Religion Absolute Monarchies
  • 1608: St. Francis de Sales: "Introduction à la vie dèvote"
  • 1611: King James Bible published.
  • 1638: Roger Williams founds the colony of Rhode Island
  • 1644: John Milton: "Areopagitica," on freedom of the press.
  • 1648: George Fox founds the Society of Friends (Quakers).
  • 1675: Philip Jacob Spener: "Pia desideria" begins Pietist movement.

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