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Muscovite Russia:

ca. 1147-1613


  • ca. 1147: Moscow is founded
  • 1325-1341: Reign of Ivan I
    • 1328: The metropolitan See is moved from Kyiv to Moscow.
  • 1359-1389: Reign of Dmitri Donskoi
    • 1380: Muscovites defeat the Golden Horde at Kulikovo.
  • 1480: Ivan II proclaimed Czar and Autocrat of Russia.
  • 1533-1584: Reign of Ivan the Terrible.
    • 1552: Muscovy conquers Kazan.
    • 1556: Muscovy conquers Astrakhan.
  • 1598-1605: Reign of Boris Gudunov
  • 1604-1613: The Time of Troubles

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