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Poland Chronology


  • c. 960-992: Mieszko I--the first historical ruler of Poland
  • 992-1025: Boleslav I--greatly expands and strengthens the Polish state
  • 1228: The Teutonic knights begin their conquest of Prussia
  • 1241: The beginnings of the Mongol invasions
  • 1305-1333: Vladislav IV: Poland regains its independence
  • 1333-1370: Casimir III
  • 1384-1399: Jadwiga, Queen of Poland
    • Jadwiga marries Jagiello of Lithuania, beginning a personal union between Poland and Lithuania.
  • 1410: The Poles defeat the Teutonic Knights at the battle of Tannenberg
  • 1496: The Statute of Piotrkow--called the "Magna carta of Poland"--gives extensive privileges to the nobility
  • 1505: The Constitution of Radom--makes the national Seym (Diet) the supreme legislative body
  • 1569: The Union of Lublin--merged Poland and Lithuania
  • 1648-1668: John II Casimir
  • 1672-1676: War with Turkey
  • 1674-1696: John III Sobieski
  • 1700-1721: The Great Northern War
  • 1733-1735: The War of the Polish Succession
  • 1772: The First Partition of Poland
  • 1788-1792: The Four Years Seym (Diet)
    • 1791: The New Constitution
  • 1793: The Second Partition of Poland
  • 1794: Nationalist uprising under Thaddeus Kosciuszko begins
  • 1795 The Third Partition of Poland
  • 1815: The Treaty of Vienna establishes the Kingdom of Poland under Russian control
  • 1830-1831: The Polish RevolutionAge of Revolutions Chronology
  • 1863-1864: The Second Polish Revolution
  • 1916: An independent Polish state is declared by the German forces of occupation.World War One Chronology
  • 1919: The Treaty of Versailles cedes Posen and West Prussia to Poland
  • 1939: Germany invades Poland beginning World War II in EuropeWorld War Two Chronology
  • 1945: The Yalta Conference determines the post-war borders of Poland
    • A government of national unity is formed under Osobka-Morawski
  • 1946-1950: Poland becomes a Soviet satellite state


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