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Slavic Origins:

4,000 BC to AD 862


  • ca. 4,000 BC: Earliest evidence of Neolithic culture in Russia
  • ca. 1000 to 700 BC: Cimmerians in Thrace
  • ca. 700 BC: Scythians invade Thrace, conquering the Cimmerians
  • ca. 200 BC: Sarmatians conquer the Scythians.
  • ca. 700 BC-AD 200: Greco-Iranian culture develops around the Black Sea
  • ca. AD 200-370: Invasions by the Goths
  • 370: The Huns invade.
  • 558: The invasion of the Avars.
  • 7th century: Formation of the Khazar State.
  • 681: The First Bulgarian Empire is formed.
  • ca. 830: Beginnings of Magyar migration westward.

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