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Islam Chronology

Abbasid Caliphate (Baghdad)


  • 751: Battle of Talas: Arabs learn papermaking from Chinese prisoners of warTang Dynasty Chronology
  • 765: A school of medicine is established in Baghdad.
  • 750-850: The Four orthodox schools of law are established.
    • 767: Death of Abu Hanifa who founded the Hanafite School of Law.
    • 795: Death of Anas ibn Malik who founded the Malikite School of Law.
    • 820: Death of Shafi'i who founded the Shafi'ite School of Law.
    • 855: Death of Ahmad ibn Hanbal who founded the Hanbalite School of Law.
  • 850-875: The Tradition is formalized.
    • 870: Death of Bukhari who edited one of the important compendia of Tradition.
    • 875: Death of Muslim who edited one of the important compendia of Tradition.
  • 1010: Firdawsi completes his Epic of Kings, the great epic poem of Persia.
  • 1055-1250: Expansion of Islam under the Seljuks and Christian responses.
    • 1055: Seljuk Turks establish a protectorate in Baghdad.
    • 1071: Battle of Manzikert. Seljuks defeat the Byzantines and establish control over Asia Minor.
    • 1096-1099: First CrusadeThe Crusading Era Chronology
      • 1099: Crusaders take Jerusalem.
    • 1147-1149: Second Crusade
    • 1187: Saladin captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders.
    • 1189-1192: Third Crusade
  • 1258: Mongols sack Baghdad. Abbasid Caliphate ends.


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