Period of the Five Books of Moses

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Event
3760 BC  1/Rosh Hashanah Creation of Adam
2161 BC 1600    Flood
1765 BC 1996    Tower of Babel/dispersion of peoples to form nationss
1948 Birth of Abraham
Birth of Isaac   
1313 BC 2048/Passover Exodus from Egyptian enslavement     
Receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai    
1273 BC   2488    Moses dies/Entry into the Land of Israel


Period of the Biblical Books of the Prophets

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
1228 BC 2533  Era of the Judges begins  
879 BC     2882    Anointing King Saul
869 BC 2892    Kind David becomes King in Jerusalem
837 BC     2924    Anointing King Solomon
826 BCs     2935    Building of the Holy Temple (completion)    

First Temple Era

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
Division of The Kingdom of Israel into
Kingdom of Judah and Kingdom of Israel
701 BC King Sennacherib of Assyria invades
Destruction of the Holy Temple by Nebuchadnezar

 First and Second Exiles

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
Beginning of Babylonian Exile
Beginning of Persian Exile
Story of Purim
362 BC 3399      Esther taken to King Achashveros’s Palace
355 BCs      3406      Mordechai proclaims Purim
Cyrus gives permission to rebuild Holy Temple

Ezra the Scribe and Nehemiah the Prophet lead people bsack to Land of Israel

End of Biblical Era

Second Temple Era

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
-349 3412 Second Temple completed
Greek domination (exile)
Story of Chanukah
Saduceean movement begins
Beginning of Roman domination
Second Temple renovated by King Herod
70 Destruction of Second Temple by Rome
74 Battle for Masada
Fourth Exile (a.k.a. Roman Exile, Exile of Edom)

End of Biblical Ordination


Era of the Savoraim

Era of the Gaonim


Era of the Rishonim

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
1095 First Crusade   
Second Crusade
Burning of the Talmud in France by King Louis resulting in his sainthood
1189-1192 Third Crusade
England Golden Era of Spain Rise of communities in The Land of Israel Europe Chassidic Movement     
Expulsion from England  Beginning of Inquisition  In Jerusalem and Tzefas  Vaad Ha’Arba Artzos (Council of Four Lands)  Birth of Baal Shem Tov
 Permission to return to England Expulsion from Spain Movement to renew Biblical Ordination Shabtai Tzvi false messianic movement    Opposition to Chassidism      
 Second expulsion from England  Kabalistic Era      Dispute between Rav Yaakov Emden and Rav Yonason Eybeshuetz   Ban on Chassidism by Lithuanian Rabbis 

Judaism in Modern Europe

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
1690-1790 Enlightenment
Reform Movement
1790-1914 The Age of Nationalism and Revolutions in Europe
Napoleon tries unsuccessfully to reestablish Sanhedrin
Return and Rise of Yeshivos
     Theodore Herzl
     First Zionist Aliyah
     Second Zionist Aliyah
Founding of Agudas Israel Council of Rabbis
1917 bolshevik revolution  
Beginning of British Mandate in Land of Israel
British ban on Jewish ownership of land
Balfour Declaration

 Nazi Era and World War Two

Christian Calendar Hebrew Calendar Events
Mein Kampf published
Hitler elected Chancellor
1935 5695    Nuremberg Laws
1939 5699 Crystal Nacht (Night of Broken Glass)
Fall of Warsaw Ghetto
Fall of Lodz Ghetto
Massacre at Babi Yar
1942 5702 Final Solution Begins
United Nations declares Right of Jews to homeland         
1948 5708 War of Independence and Declaration of State of Israel
1956 5716 Sinai Campaign/War with Egypt
Adolf Eichmann captured in Argentina
1967 5727 Six Day War   
1972 5732    11 Athletes killed by Palestinian Terrorists at the Olympics in Munich, Germany
1973 5734
1976 5736 Hijacking and Rescue of French Air flight to Uganda
1979 5740 Peace Agreement with Egypt  
Entry into Lebanon
1995 5756    Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin assassinated

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