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Mediterranean Chronology

After the Peloponnesian War

404-362 BC

The struggle for hegemony of Greece continued after the Peloponnesian War as several city-states competed for leadership.  None, however, was able to consolidate power.  Only with the rise of Macedonia were the Greek city-states finally united into a single political unit. 

  • c. 460-c.377 BC: Hippocrates
  • 404-403 BC: Thirty Tyrants rule Athens.
  • 400-387: Spartan War against Persia.
  • 398-360: Sparta governed by Agesilaus.
  • 395-387: Corinthian War.
  • 382: Sparta captures Thebes.
  • 378: Second Athenian Confederation is founded.
  • 371: Spartan hegemony ends and Thebes defeats Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra.
  • 362: Theban hegemony ends with its defeat at the Battle of Mantinea.


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