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Mediterranean Chronology

Hellenic Culture

480-404 BC

The Hellenic Period of Greek Culture is regarded by many as one of the most creative periods in world history.  Works developed in this period inspired developments not only in Rome and Western Europe, but also among Persians, Buddhists and Muslims as well.

The Visual Arts

  • c. 480: Kritios Boy
  • 468-460: Olympian Apollo
  • 448-432 BC: The Parthenon is built.

Drama and Comedy

  • c. 525-456 BC: Aeschylus
  • c. 496-406 BC: Sophocles
  • 480-406 BC: Euripedes
  • c. 445-380 BC: Aristophanes



  • The Sophists
  • Socrates

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

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