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Mediterranean Chronology

The Hellenic Period

c. 500- 300 BC

The Hellenic Period is the "classic" period of Greek culture.  In the period between the defeat of the Persians and the conquests of Alexander the Great,  Greece enjoyed a cultural flowering and economic prosperity seldom matched in the ancient world.  Drama, philosophy and sculpture all began or underwent significant refinement in this period.

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499-479: The Persian Wars

  • 490 BC: The Battle of Marathon
  • 480 BC: The Battle of Salamis

480-404 BC: Hellenic Culture

  • c. 480: Kritios Boy
  • 448-432 BC: The Parthenon is built.
  • c. 525-456 BC: Aeschylus
  • c. 445-380 BC: Aristophanes
  • c. 460-c. 400 BC: Thucydides
  • The Sophists

431-404: The Peloponnesian War

  • 431 BC: Peloponnesian war begins; Athens and the Delian League vs. Sparta and the Pelopennesian League.
  • 415-413 BC: Athenian Expedition to Syracuse
  • 404 BC: Athens surrenders to Sparta

404-336 BC: After the Peloponnesian War

  • 404-403 BC: Thirty Tyrants rule Athens.
  • 400-387: Spartan War against Persia
  • 371: Spartan hegemony ends and Thebes defeats Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra
  • 362: Theban hegemony ends with its defeat at the Battle of Mantinea



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