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Mediterranean Chronology

The Hellenistic Period

c. 300-50 BC

While the polis continued to play an important role in Greek society, with the formation of empires the polis lost much of its political and economic independence.  It should not surprising, then, that Greek culture in the Hellenistic period was distinctly different from that developed in the Hellenic period when the polis was at its height.

  • c. 336- 323 BC: The Conquests of Alexander the Great
    • Hellenistic Culture
    • Alexandria is the center of "Hellenistic" culture
    • Sculpture
    • Philosophy
      • Plato
      • Aristotle
  • 323: Ptolemy becomes ruler of Egypt (Ptolemaic Kingdom)
  • 306: Seleucus founds the Seleucid Kingdom
  • 279: Celtic invasion of Balkans and Asian Minor
  • 276: Antigonus founds the Antigonid (Macedonia) Kingdom

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