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Modern Era


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Expansion and Contraction of Mesopotamian Civilizations

7000 to 500 BC

Beginning ca. 1400: The Large Empires of the Ancient Near East are weakened.

  • 1400: Minoan culture is destroyed. Mycenean Greeks dominate the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • 1375-1350: Ikhnaton's reforms in Egypt. Egypt crippled by internal disruptions.
  • 1250: Israelites begin conquest of Palestine.

The Era of Smaller Civilizations: 1200 to 600 BC

  • 1190: Philistines settle along the Eastern Mediterranean coast.
  • 1100: Dorian invasion of Greece.
  • 1075: Assyrian Empire collapses.
  • 1020-586: The Kingdom of Israel.

Beginning ca. 750 BC: Revival of the Mesopotamian Empires.

    745-612 BC: Period of Assyrian dominance

    • 745: Tiglath-pileser III becomes king of Assyria.
    • 732-722 BC: Assyria conquers Israel and Syria.
    • 663 BC: Ashurbainipal conquers Egypt.

    625-585: Period of Neo-Babylonian (Chaldean) dominance.

    • 625 BC: Beginnings of Chaldean kingdom in Babylon.
    • 612 BC: Assyrian capital of Nineveh is destroyed by the Chaldeans or Neo-Babylonians.
    • 587: Jerusalem is taken by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon.


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