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Early Mythopoeic Thought

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Speculative Thought in the Roman Empire

Theology and Philosophy in Germanic Europe

Modern Thought

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Ancient Greek Philosophy

585-250 BC

Mythopoeic Thought in the Greek Tradition

    • c. 850-800 BC: Homer
    • c. 800 BC: Hesiod

    The Pre-socratic Philosophers

    • c. 585 BC: Thales of Miletus begins the development of philosophy by speculating about the nature of the "cosmos."
    • c. 611-c. 545 BC: Anaximander and Anaximenes
    • c. 530: Xenophanes of Colophon
    • c. 535-c. 475 BC: Heraclitus of Ephesus
    • c. 500-c. 480 BC: Pythagoras of Samos
    • c. 500- c. ?425 BC: Anaxagoras
    • c. c. 475: Parmenides
    • fl. 420: Democritus

    The Sophists

    The Socratic School

    • 469-399 BC: Socrates
    • c. 427-347 BC: Plato
    • 384-322 BC: Aristotle

    The Hellenistic Philosophers

    • c. 341-270 BC: Epicurus begins the Epicurean school of philosophy
    • c. 335-263 BC: Zeno of Citium begins the Stoic school of philosophy
    • fl. 300: Euclid--The Elements of Geometry
    • 287-212: Archimedes--


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