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Music of the Middle Ages


475-1000: The Dark Ages

  • 600: Pope Gregory produces a collection of chants, "Antiphonar"
  • 600: Pope Gregory founds the Schola Cantorum in Rome
  • 855: The earliest known attempts at polyphonic music

1000-1350: The High Middle Ages

  • 995-c. 1050: Guido d'Arezzo, develops an improved form of musical notation.
  • 1125: The beginnings of troubador and trouvere music in France
  • 1200: The songs known as "Carmina Burana" are collected
  • 1260: The first mastersinger school is established in Mainz
  • 1322: The pope forbids the use of counterpoint in church music
  • 1329: The term "ars nova" is coined by Philippe de Vitry

1350-1500: The Late Middle Ages

  • 1340-1377: Guillaume de Machaut
  • 1369-1453: John Dunstable


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