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The Ancient Period The Peripheral Period

The Center Period

The Global Period

  • Age of World Wars
  • After the Cold War


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The Center Period

Western Europe moves to the Center of Global Society

1600 to 1900

From around the year 1000, Western Europe is slowly re-integrated into world society.  A series of changes within Europe, the Reformation, the Rise of States and the Voyages of Exploration, dramatically change the relationship between Europe and the rest of the world.  By 1800, Europe is no longer on the periphery of world society, it is at the center.

The European Voyages of Exploration: 1415-1650

  • Portuguese explorers seek a route to India and China: 1415-1510
  • The Spanish colonization of Central and South America: 1492-1540
  • British and French colonization of North America: 1497-1600
  • Global Exploration: 1500-1650

The Rise of States: 1598-1789

  • 1598-1689: The Age of Absolute Monarchy
  • 1689-1815: The Age of Enlightened Despotism
  • 1713-1789: Conflict among the Great Power
  • 1543-1688: The Scientific Revolution
  • 1688-1789: The Enlightenment

1775-1914: The Age of Liberalism and Nationalism

  • 1775-1848: The Age of Revolutions
  • 1848-1871: Consolidation of Nation-States
  • 1848-1914: Liberal Parties dominate National Politics


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