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The French Revolution


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  • May 5: The Estates General opens at Versailles
  • June 17: The Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly
  • June 20: The Tennis Court Oath
  • July 14: Fall of the Bastille
  • Late July: The Great Fear spreads in the countryside
  • August 4: The nobles surrender their feudal rights in a meeting of the National Constituent Assembly
  • August 27: Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
  • October 5-6: Parisian women march to Versailles and force Louis XVI and his family to return to Paris
  • July 12: Civil Constitution of the Clergy adopted
  • July 14: The king accepts a new constitution
  • June 20-24: Louis XVI and his family attempt to flee France and are stopped at Varennes
  • August 27: The Declaration of Pillnitz
  • October 1: The Legislative Assembly meets
  • April 20: France declares war on Austria
  • August 10: The Tuileries palace is stormed, and Louis XVI takes refuge with the Legislative Assembly
  • September 2-7: The September Massacres
  • September 20: France wins the battle of Valmy
  • September 21: The monarchy is abolished
  • January 21: Louis XVI is executed
  • February 1: France declares war on Great Britain
  • March: Counterrevolution breaks out in the Vendee
  • April: The Committee of Public Safety is formed
  • June 22: The Constitution of 1793 is adopted. It is not put into effect.
  • August 23: Levee en masse proclaimed
  • September 17: Maximum prices set on food and other commodities
  • October 16: Queen Marie Antoinette is executed
  • November 10: The Cult of Reason is proclaimed. The revolutionary calendar is adopted
  • March 24: Execution of the Hebertist leaders of the sans-culottes
  • April 6: Execution of Danton
  • May 7: Cult of the Supreme Being proclaimed
  • June 8: Robespierre leads the celebration of the Festival of the Supreme Being.
  • June 10: The Law Of 22 Prairial is adopted
  • July 27: The Ninth of Thermidor and the fall of Robespierre
  • July 28: Robespierre is executed
  • August 22: The Constitution of the Year Ill is adopted, establishing the Directory


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