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The Ancient Period The Peripheral Period

The Center Period

The Global Period

  • Age of World Wars
  • After the Cold War


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The Formation of Nation-States:

The Great Powers


  • 1682-1718: Karl XII, King of Sweden
  • 1713: Treaty of Utrecht ends the War of the Spanish Succession
  • 1714: George I becomes king of Great Britain
  • 1715: Louis XV becomes king of France
  • 1740-1785: Frederick the Great of Prussia
  • 1740-1748: The War of the Austrian Succession
  • 1740: Maria Theresa becomes Empress of Austria;
    • Frederick II of Prussia invades Silesia
  • 1756-1763: The Seven Years War
  • 1776: The American Declaration of Independence
  • 1780: Joseph II of Austria begins his reforms of the Austrian goverment
  • 1789: The Estates General meets in Paris beginning the French Revolution

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