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The Hundred Years War


First Phase, 1337-1364: English Ascendancy

  • 1337: Edward III, King of England, claims the throne of France.
  • 1340: The cities of Flanders recognize Edward's claim.
  • 1346: Battle of Cr?cy
  • 1356: Battle of Poitiers
  • 1360: Truce. France recognizes English control of southwest France and Calais.

Second Phase, 1364-1380: French Revival

  • 1364-1380: Under the leadership of Bertrand du Gesclin, the English are driven back to a few coastal positions.

Third Phase, 1380-1429: Renewed English Invasion.

  • 1396-1413: Truce
  • 1407: Beginning of Civil war among the French nobility.
  • 1415: Battle of Agincourt.

Fourth Phase, 1429-1453: French Victory.

  • 1429: Joan of Arc leads French to Victory at Orleans.
  • 1430: Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians.
  • 1431: Joan of Arc is burned as a relapsed heretic.
  • 1435: Burgundians make peace with the French
  • 1435-1453: The English are driven from all of France except Calais.



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