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  • Age of World Wars
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The Italian Renaissance


The Italian City-States: 1385-1535

  • 1385-1402: Reign of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan.
  • 1404-1414: Reign of Ladislas of Durazzo, King of Naples.
  • 1434: Cosimo de'Medici comes to power in Florence.
  • 1450: Francesco Sforza becomes Duke of Milan.
  • 1469: Lorenzo de' Medici, called "The Magnificent," comes to power in Florence.
  • 1494: France invades Italy
  • 1502: Spain conquers Naples.
  • 1513: Machiavelli writes "The Prince"
  • 1530: The Medici are returned to power in Florence.
  • 1535: Holy Roman Emperor Charles V occupies Milan.

1250-1500: Humanism

Renaissance Art


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