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Revolutions of Liberal Nationalism


  • 1814: The First Treaty of Paris: establishes a lenient peace with France.
  • 1814-1815: The Congress of Vienna meets.
  • 1815: Napoleon escapes from Elba, gathers a new army, but is defeated at Waterloo.
    • The Treaty of Vienna establishes the territorial settlement for Europe.
    • The second Treaty of Paris ends the Napoleonic Wars with a harsher settlement for France.
    • Russia, Prussia and Austria establish the Holy Alliance.
    • Great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia establish the Quadruple Alliance.
  • 1817: Simon Bolivar becomes President of Gran Columbia.
    • The German students of the Burschenschaften hold the celebration at the Wartburg.
  • 1818: Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle.
  • 1819: The Peterloo Massacre in Manchester, England.
    • The German princes issue the Carlsbad Decrees.
  • 1820: Jose de San Martin proclaims independence of Peru.
  • 1822: Brazil declares its independence of Portugal.
    • Jean Francois Champollion decifers the Rosetta Stone
  • 1823: The Unites States of America proclaims the Monroe Doctrine.
  • 1825: The Decembrist Revolt in Russia.
  • 1829-1830: Greece gains independence from the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1830: Belgium gains independence from the Netherlands.
    • King Charles X of France is overthrown. The July Monarchy of Louis Philippe is established.
  • 1831: Giuseppe Mazzini establishes Young Italy.
  • 1832: British Parliament passes the Reform Bill of 1832 which changes the basis of Parliamentary representation.
  • 1839: The People's Charter is presented to the British Parliament.
  • 1846: The British Parliament repeals the Corn Laws.
  • 1848: The Revolutions of 1848


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