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The Lutheran Reform Movement


  • 1516: Erasmus of Rotterdam publishes the New Testament with a Latin and a Greek text.
  • 1483-1546: Martin Luther
    • 1517: Luther posts the "95 Theses" on the Wittenburg Church door.
    • 1518: Diet of Augsburg.
    • 1519: Luther's disputation with Johann Eck in Leipzig.
    • 1520: Luther is excommunicated.
    • 1521: Luther appears before the Diet of Worms.
    • 1524-1525: The Peasant's Revolt in Southern Germany.
    • 1529: The Marburg Colloquy: Luther and Zwingli meet to discuss Church reform.
    • 1530: Melancthon writes the Augsburg Confession.
    • 1536: Denmark and Norway are declared Lutheran.
    • 1546: Luther dies.
  • 1546-1547: Schmalkaldic War between Emperor Charles V and the Schmalkaldic League.
  • 1555: The Peace of Augsburg: Lutherans and given rights equal to Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire.

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