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The Consolidation of National States:


    The Unification of Italy: 1852-1864

    • 1849-1878: The Reign of Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont-Sardinia.
    • 1852: Camillo Cavour becomes the premier of Sardinia Piedmont.
    • 1859: Piedmont and France defeat Austria; Piedmont annexes Lombardy.
    • 1860: Piedmont annexes Tuscany, Modena, Parma and the Romagna.
    • Garibaldi and his Red Shirts land in Sicily.
    • 1861: The Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed; Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont-Sardinia becomes King of Italy.
    • 1866: After Prussia defeats Austria in the Seven Week's War. Italy annexes Venetia.
    • 1870: After France declares war on Prussia, Italy annexes Rome.

    The Unification of Germany: 1862-1871

    • 1861-1888: Reign of King William I of Prussia.
    • 1862-1890: Otto von Bismarck is Prime Minister of Prussia.
    • 1864: Prussia and Austria defeat Denmark; Prussia annexes Holstein.
    • 1866: Prussia defeats Austria in the Seven Week's War; Prussia annexes Hanover.
    • 1867: Prussia creates the North German Confederation.
    • 1870-1871: Franco-Prussian War.
    • 1871: The German Empire is formed; Germany annexes Alsace and Lorraine.


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