World History Chronology

Evolution of Hominids

Foraging Societies

Settled Agriculture

Primary Urbanization

Classical Empires

Unification of Eurasia

Unification of the Hemispheres

Formation of World Culture

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The Cold War


1945-1961: The Yalta System Breaks Down

  • 1947: The Truman Doctrine.
  • 1949: NATO Treaty signed.
  • 1949: Communists take power in China; Nationalists retreat to Taiwan
  • 1950: Korean War begins.
  • 1953: Armistice ends fighting in the Korean War.
  • 1955: Warsaw Pact is formed
  • 1961: Bay of Pigs invasion.

1956-1975: Toward Peaceful Coexistence

  • 1962: Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • 1964: Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Vietnam War Chronology
  • 1965: President Johnson begins escalation of US role in Vietnamese Civil War.
  • 1972: US withdraws from Vietnam.
    • 1972: SALT Treaty signed
    • 1972: Nixon visits China

1975-1989: The End of the Soviet System


Primary Sources

Churchill: Iron Curtain Speech

Secondary Sources

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