World History Chronology

Evolution of Hominids

Foraging Societies

Settled Agriculture

Primary Urbanization

Classical Empires

Unification of Eurasia

Unification of the Hemispheres

Formation of World Culture

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Integration and Unification of the Hemispheres



    1400-1650: Voyages of Discovery and European Expansion

    • 1405-1424: Chinese Treasure Fleet
    • 1415-1510: Portuguese explorers seek a route to India and China
    • 1492-1540: The Spanish colonization of Central and South America
    • 1497-1600: British and French colonization of North America
    • 1500-1650: Global Exploration

    1500-1800: The Age of Chinese Dominance

    • 1368-1911: The Height of Chinese Culture under the Ming and Qing
    • 1517-1789: Political and Religious Change in Europe
    • 1450-1757: Competing Muslim Empires

    1850-1920: The New Imperialism

    • 1798: Napoleon invades Egypt
    • 1857-1858: The "Sepoy Mutiny" or "Great Rebellion" in Northern India
    • 1884: The Berlin Conference on Africa
    • 1898: Showdown between Britian and France at Fashoda


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Secondary Sources

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