World History Chronology

Evolution of Hominids

Foraging Societies

Settled Agriculture

Primary Urbanization

Classical Empires

Unification of Eurasia

Unification of the Hemispheres

Formation of World Culture

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The Development of Mass Society


  • 1793: The Revolutionary government in France issues the levee en masse
  • 1819: The Carlsbad Decrees disband the Burschenschaften.
  • 1832: The Great Reform Bill reorganizes Parliament in Great Britain
  • 1872: Bismarck, the Chancellor of the German Empire, begins the Kulturkampf
  • 1884: The Third French Republic legalizes trade unions
  • 1889: The Boulanger Affarir in France
  • 1892: James Keir Hardie, a Scottish Miner, sits in the House of Commons
  • 1894: The Dreyfus Affair begins in France
  • 1896: Theodor Herzel publishes The Jewish State beginning the Zionist Movement
  • 1913: Britain's Trade Union Act grants unions certain legal rights


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