World History Chronology

Evolution of Hominids

Foraging Societies

Settled Agriculture

Primary Urbanization

Classical Empires

Unification of Eurasia

Unification of the Hemispheres

Formation of World Culture

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The Development of the Nation-State:

From the French Revolution to the World Wars



The French Revolution: 1789-1815

  • 1789: The Estates General meets
  • 1792: The Monarchy is abolished
  • 1793: Louis XVI is executed
  • 1795: The Directory is Established

An Age of Revolution: 1815-1848

  • 1814-1815: The Congress of Vienna
  • 1819: The Carlsbad Decress
  • 1825: Decembrist Revolt in Russia
  • 1848: The Revolutions of 1848

The Consolidation of Nation-States: 1848-1871

  • 1852-1864: The Unification of Italy
  • 1862-1871: The Unification of Germany


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

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