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Foraging Societies

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Classical Empires

Unification of Eurasia

Unification of the Hemispheres

Formation of World Culture

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The New Imperialism


  • 1795: The Dutch abolish slave trade in Africa
  • 1798: Napoleon invades Egypt
  • 1808: Great Britain abolishes the slave trade
  • 1820s: British-Ashanti War
  • 1830: The Great Trek of the Boers begins
  • 1835: English is adopted as the official language of Indian law courts
  • 1840: The Sultan of Omar establishes his capital at Zanzibar
  • 1841: David Livingstone begins his missionary work in Africa
  • 1853: First railway line is built in India
  • 1857-1858: The "Sepoy Mutiny" or "Great Rebellion" in Northern India
  • 1858: The British Parliament takes control of India from the British East India Company
  • 1863: The United States abolishes slavery
  • 1869: The Suez Canal is completed
  • 1873: Zanzibar closes its slave market
  • 1874: Britain establishes Gold Coast colony
  • 1881: Britain establishes a protectorate over Egypt
  • 1884: The Berlin Conference on Africa
  • 1885: Charles Gordon is killed at Khartoum
  • 1885: The India National Congress Party is founded
  • 1898: Showdown between Britain and France at Fashoda
  • 1899-1902: The Boer War
  • 1910: Union of South Africa is formed


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