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The WebChronology Project

The WebChronology Project

WebChron: The WebChronology Project began as an experiment in history pedagogy by the History Department at North Park University.  As a result of changes in the department, WebChron has been removed from the University's server and is now administrated by David Koeller, the originator of the project, and has become part of his "Then Again. . . " website.

The site consists of a series of hyperlinked chronologies developed by the instructors and historical articles prepared by students intended for use in history classes.  The chronologies present alternatives to conventional historical periodizations;  the articles allow students to share information with one another and with the world.

Introduction, Conventions and Credits

For additional information please see David Koeller and Larry Martin. "The WebChronology Project." The History Teacher. 30 (Aug 1997). 443-449.

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