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Acaranga Sutra (Jainist Text)

Act of Supremacy. (England; 1543).

Acts of the Scillitan Martyrs

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Anonymous. The Guinea Coast

Aristophanes. The Clouds

Aristotle. The Politics

Asoka. The Rock and Pillar Edicts

Augustine. The City of God

Augustus. Deeds of the Divine Augustus

Averroes. On the Harmony of Religion and Philosophy

Avesta. Yasna 28-34

Babylonian Creation Myth

Baldwin, James. My Dungeon Shook.

Bhagavad Gita, The.

Barbot, John. A Voyage to the Congo River


Genesis 1-3
Exodus 19
2 Chronicles 36
2 Kings 15
2 Kings 23
Daniel 1
Ezra 1
Psalm 119
Isaiah 1 and 3
1 Maccabees
Acts 17

Bourges, The Pragmatic Sanction of


Buddha's First Sermon
On What it is Important to Know

Cahiers de doleances

Calvin, John. Institutes of the Christian Religion

Charter of the City of Lorris

Churchill, Winston. Iron Curtain Speech

Clarke,William. The Putney Debates

Classic of History

Cluny, Charter of the Abbey of

Concordat of Worms

Comnena, Anna. The Alexiad

Defoe, Daniel. The Compleat English Tradesman

de Leon, Pedro de Cieza. Chronicles

Descartes, René. Discourse on Method

Douglass, Frederick. The Anti-Slavery Movement

Einhard. Life of Charlemagne

Enuma Elish

Epictetus. The Discourses

Epicurus. Maxims

Equiano. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

Euripedes. The Bacchae

Eusebius. The Life of the Blessed Emperor Constantine

Francis of Assisi. The Testament of Saint Francis

Frederick the Great. Political Testament

Gautama, Siddhartha

Buddha's First Sermon
On What it is Important to Know

Gelasius, Pope. Letter to Emperor Anastasius

Germanic Law. Three Examples

Gogias. On Non-Being or On Nature

Gregory of Tours. History of the Franks

Gregory VII, Pope.

Dictatus papae
Decree of 1074 Council at Rome
Decree Against Lay Investiture

Had'ith. Selections

Hammurabi. The Code of Hammurabi

Laws on the Household
Legal Procedure
Miscellaneous Laws
Slavery Laws
Trade Laws

Herodotus.The Persian Wars

Battle of Marathon
Description of India
On King Xerxes

Hesiod. Theogony. Selections

Hippocrates. On the Sacred Disease

Hittite Inscription

Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan (Selections)

Homer. Iliad

Hymn to the Nile

I Ching

Jainist Text. Acaranga Sutra

James I (of England)

On the True Law of Free Monarchies
A Speech to Parliament (1610)

Jerome, St. Letter to a Soldier

John of Monte Corvino. Letter from China

Julian (The Apostate, Emperor of Rome) Letter to Arsacius

Koran. Selections

Lenin, V. I. State and Revolution

Liudprand of Cremona. Embassy to Constantinople

Locke, John.

Second Treatise on Government
A Letter Concerning Toleration

Lorris. Charter of the City of Lorris

Luther, Martin. Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation

Machiavelli. The Prince

Map of:

Nippur around 1500 BC

The Ottoman Empire around 1500

Marsilius of Padua. Defensor pacis

Martyrs, Acts of the Scillitan

Monroe, James. The Monroe Doctrine

Monte Corvino, John of. A Letter from China

Mun, Thomas. England's Treasure by Foreign Trade

Narmar, Palette of.

Newton, Isaac. Principia mathematica

Nile Hymn

Nippur, Map of

Ottoman Empire around 1500, Map of the

Palette of Narmer

Peace of God. Two Examples

Pegolotti, Francesco. The Book of Descriptions of Countries

Penitential Prayer to Every God



Plato. Republic Book One

Plutarch. Solon



Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges

Protagoras. Fragments

Ptah-hotep, The Precepts of

Ptolemaic Solar System

Qur'an. Selections

Rig Veda. Two Hymns

Rubruck, William of. Journey to the Land of the Tartars

Saint-Simon, Duc de. Memoirs

Sarashina. Diaries

Scillitan Martyrs, Acts of the

Sieyès, Emmanuel. What is the Third Estate?

Sima Qian. The Records of the Grand Historian

The Expedition of Zhang Qian

Stele of the Vultures

Strabo. Geography

Sultan Firuz Shah. The Deeds of Sultan Firuz Shah

Sumer Prayer

Sumerian Inscription. Umma and Lagash

Tacitus. Annals

Thousand and One Nights . Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Thucydides. The Peloponnesian War

The Melian Debate
On Method
Pericles's Funeral Oration

Tiglathpileser I. Inscription

Treaty of Versailles (1919)

Umma and Lagash. Sumerian Inscription

Upanishads. Selections

Usama ibn Munqidh. Autobiography

Versailles, The Treaty of. (1919)

Virgil. The Aeneid

Vultures, Stele of.

William of Rubruck. Journey to the Land of the Tartars

Wilson, Woodrow. Fourteen Points

Xenophanes. Hexameters

Young, Arthur. Travels During the Years 1787, 1788 and 1789

Zosimus. Historia nova

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